Gift Cards

Have some fun giving to your favorites!

Need a few reasons why to buy a gift card? The Cellar gift card is the most stellar gift for quite
literally everyone on your list. Luckily for you, we have some ideas to help you make the right

1.) For a busy bee who deserves some self care
2.) For the parents that don’t ever get a break from their kids, who could use a bottle of
wine (or two)
3.) For your cool grandma that loves herself a bottle of vino
4.) Maybe it’s for someone you don’t know too well — can’t complain about food, wine,
beer or cocktails
5.) For your BFF that enjoys a Sunday brunch
6.) Maybe it’s a hint for your boo to take you out on a date night
7.) For a coworker that loves cheese and wine
8.) Who doesn’t love to pay it forward?
9.) Just because being kind is what we need more of in our lives
10.) For your hardworking roommate who deserves a happy hour in their life